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When traveling from the international airport in San Jose Costa Rica destine to Playa Jaco, you travel across the Tarcoles Bridge. Well known for the populated river of large crocodiles! Every time you drive across you’d always see people looking over the ledge at these giants! But honestly there is nothing like visiting them up close in personal.

AXR Jaco offers a tour with transportation from Jaco & Herradura to Tarcoles, which is just over 20 minutes. Once arrived you meet with Jose, who right off the bat he’ll make you laugh! The real center piece of the activity! Once the time has come we all load onto the boat, and the tour begins. Learning about the wildlife, nature, and culture of the river and surrounding area. Finally you come to a few spots and get right up close to the giants! They are territory so they stay in their own area of the rivers allowing giants to live just next door without problems. Bring your camera because you wont want to miss the guide out of the boat feeding the Crocodile from his hands!

This is a must, and put it on your to-do list when visiting Jaco beach. Without a doubt one of my favorite activities, for learning and laughing. Want to check out the Crocodile Tour in Jaco: 

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