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Today I got to ride with a good old friend of mine who I haven’t seen in many years, we started off early morning, traveled through Jaco, climbed to the top of the surrounding mountains, crossing rivers, and reaching one of the tallest waterfalls in the country! Bijagual which lays in the province of San Jose, only 30 minutes from Jaco along the mountain roads, is a small quiet town where you can witness the true culture of Costa Rica. Traveling through some muddy trails you can reach the top of the falls where there are beautiful fresh water pools perfect for a swim. 

Unfortunately on our way back to Jaco, my friend had a spill on the ATV and dislocated her shoulder, we were quick to react and got her to the clinic so the doctors could place it back in, and she was off continuing her trip. She’s a tough one! The whole time laughing and being a true sport, as she enjoys the sport, and knows accidents can happen. Not the first time i’ve seen accidents and certainly not the last. We always focus on safety as our number one aspect of the tour, along with having fun!

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