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Canadian born, arrived in Costa Rica in 2007 which changed my life more than words could explain. A nature seeker, you couldn’t ask for a greener country. Allowing me to follow with my photography and take it to new levels, after the Nature & Wildlife that I’ve always dreamed of capturing. A passionate adventure seeker, i’ve grown up around vehicles my whole life and since i’ve been here i’ve trailed these roads on ATV and dirt bike. With years of riding it only made sense to team up with the largest company in the area for off road vehicles and tours AXR “An Xtreme Rider” based out of Jaco, Costa Rica. Working on Photography, and Website & Graphic Design on my free time keeping me busy and motivated to become better at what I do.

I can remember my mothers first SLR camera with with black and white film, and we went around the house and town taking photos of different items to see how they would look in black and white. Since then I’ve always had an eye for photography. Moving into a DSLR and the digital world has changed photography forever. My love for Nature & Wildlife is my main focus with my skills behind the camera. But these have ranged from beautiful sunsets, to family photoshoots, extreme sports, and even weddings. As my skills borden i’m always looking for new opportunities to take the camera and capture at a new angle. My photography skills come in hand with my website designs allowing me to capture the right images that I use on my sites keeping the content always real, which I believe is key to any website.

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In 2010 I was given a task to create a website for my father who was venturing on his own in our new home Costa Rica. With no knowledge before hand, I started to research and learn about the ways of website building. In the beginning I found simple “Drag and Dropwebsite builders that were a subscription + monthly fee to keep the website online. Graduating from there I kept looking how to improve and build what I like to call a “Real” website. As the years went by I had many opportunities to help out friends, family, and others build their website and build an online presence. With a number of websites built over the years, and further teaching myself practices of SEO/SEM, Social Media, and much more to improve the overall traffic of what my websites were seeing. Today I feel confident with my learnings to be able to improve traffic on your website, and build I truly unique & beautiful website with your needs.

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Since I can remember I always loved to draw, color, and design. Growing up in a society filled with technology over time my pencil and paper became the mouse and keyboard of a computer. With the eye for design i’ve come to create hundreds of different logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, and even road signs. With skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs allows me to make designs at ease and on a good time frame. These skills come at hand with my website designs as I always try to make each website unique and truly stand out.

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