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Rainy Season in Jaco has to be one of my favorite times to ride the ATV! Out with a good friend, back from Texas in search of new trails and just the peace of spending all day out on the machines deep into the Costa Rican rainforest, aways from civilization! During the rainy season a lot of our trails become too dangerous for certain machines as they develop deep ruts and slippery surfaces on the cliff face. Definitely being careful is a must on all tours! And is what I personally focus the most on.

We are on a three day stretch of riding, with planing of over 14 hours on the machines, in search of open trails to see how deep we can get into the rainforest. Today we tackled a few technical trails that I have ridden in a month or two on my dirt bike. We made it 3/4 of the trail before we had to turn down from underivable conditions! Was too bad, anyways that was a the last stretch before heading back down the mountain to Jaco, to take a rest for the day and get ready for day 2.

Relying on AXR Jaco, the number 1 location in Jaco for ATV Tours. Quality machines, and a large selection to choose from, makes it a no brainer… Contact us to plan your next ride!  

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